God Is My Hero

A TV ad some time back declared the virtues of  life-savers as “our heroes” – and this they truly are! It also triggered my thinking to see God as my hero – the One who delivered me and set my feet upon a rock. Hence came the poem, “God Is My Hero“.
It is poem 9 in the series “Deliverance From a Horrible Pit” and is found in the book “Confort When Life Hurts“.
Links to poems 1 – 8 are at the end of this post

God Is My Hero

God is my hero,
my Saviour, true Friend,
for me He rescued
from sin’s awful end.

I was drowning in seas,
trapped in a hole,
Satan biting my heels
to keep in his fold.
I was bound with strong cords,
fighting a war,
falling over a cliff
and sinking in sand,
when Jesus came and reached
saying, “Here, take My hand.”

He saved me and freed,
washed and made clean,
clothed me with a robe
which was His own.
Now righteous and white,
filled with love and His light,
I am a new creature
perfect in God’s sight!

(Ps.40:1-2, 56:13, 69:1-3, 14-18, 119:61, 144:7, 2 Sam.22:17,20,
Jon.2:2-7, Is.41:10,13, 61:10, 2 Cor.5:17, Luke 15:22)

Poems 1 – 8 in Series “Deliverance From a Horrible Pit”

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